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Aug 8, 2022·edited Aug 8, 2022

Hallo Iam Subhankar Bagchi please contact my Instagram please I want to talk to you What happened here I understand you well message me on Instagram

I make background music of such small music by myself and do not copy from anyone

I have two musics I add to IMDb

I'm not talking about the movie I'm just talking about the song the background music

So I upload these reasons to all music platforms no matter which distributor I work with

So it gives me the Google knowledge panel at Google

I am not working in this animal kgf 2 movie on imdb nor am i any actor or anything i have only one mb profile little bio and About me

They were just adding up so I didn't do anything so I thought Ed was a good thing so I was just taking it.

Some information here is true but I have not edited these movies I have edited two musics their names are SHAAMIL and trap beat.

And I didn't add anything and these are being made in my name, someone messaged me on Instagram saying you are viral on the internet.

I can send you a sample of how I made the song

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Bhai please delete kar da.

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